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ÖLFLEX® Power and control cables more +

Power and control cables

ÖLFLEX® is used in machinery, machine tools, system and appliance engineering, measuring, control, heating and air conditioning technologies.

UNITRONIC® Data communication systemsmore +

Power and control cables

UNITRONIC® data transmission systems, system solutions for industrial applications. Data-, fieldbus cables, connectors and I / O modules from one hand.

ETHERLINE® Data communication systemsmore +

Data communication systems

The Lapp Group offers a complete product range of cables, connectors, assemblies and accessoires for network applications.

HITRONIC® Optical transmission systemsmore +

Data communication systems

HITRONIC® Optical fibre cables and data transmission systems with polmer optical fibres (POF), polymer cladded fibres and optical glass fibres (GOF) single- and multimode.

EPIC® industrial connectors more +

industrial connectors

EPIC® Connectors, the reliable connector for industrial applications, safe and removable connection in machine building, control cabinets and in outdoor applications.

SKINTOP® Cable glands more +

Cable glands

SKINTOP® cable glands guarantee secure connections every time. Simply thread the cable and twist. That's all! Your cables are perfectly centered, ...

SILVYN® Protective Cable Conduit systems more +

Protective Cable Conduit systems

In many applications cables have to be additionally protected against mechanical and chemical stress. For this type of application, Lapp Group can ...

FLEXIMARK® Cable marking products more +

Cable marking products

Labels on single cores, cables, and control cabinets need to remain legible for years to come. This is the best way to keep things well organized and avoid ...

Cable Accessories more +

Cable Accessories

Installation, processing, maintenance, cutting, stripping, skinning, connector and crimping engi- neering, insulating, protecting, shrinking, binding, ...

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Selection tables and technical tables.

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