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spqrk plugs

All ARP670 type "M" terminals available. Type "F" terminals can be custom designed upon request. Brazed or swaged conduit construction.100 psi pressure testing available for brazed conduits. Electric contacts available in standard spring type or exotic materials (tungsten, beryllium-copper, etc.).

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BG manufactures high performance iridium electrode spark plugs for industrial engines. A proprietary silver-cast manufacturing process is used that results in optimum heat transfer and longer plug life.

Ignition Leads & Extensionsmore +


BG is a market leader in ignition technology for reciprocating gas engines. BG offers a variety of spark plug extensions and leads to meet the specific needs of your engine configuration and operating environment. The below product guide describes industrial ignition leads and extensions for reciprocating engines. For turbine ignition leads, see the turbine products guide.

Electrical Feedthroughsmore +

Electrical Feedthroughs

BG manufacturers ceramic-to-metal electrical feedthroughs. BG feedthroughs provide a hermetic electrical connection through the walls of a variety of pressure vessels.

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